XR Scholar


XR Scholar is a VR/IVR platform specifically designed for the secondary education sector. The XR Scholar platform employs next-generation technology, primarily VR and IVR to deliver educational content across the STEM subjects, English and humanities to students in the classroom and/or remotely. The platform is able to completely integrate with current pedagogical methodologies and approaches with offering automated assessment and student learning insights and analytics. The XR Scholar platform is designed to better engage students and enhance learning performance while simultaneously improving teacher efficiencies. XR Scholar aims to develop content in units that are comprised of individual modules. Several units will make up the content of a particular subject, at a particular year level. While XR Scholar has the potential to develop content for all subjects, our primary intent is to focus on the science, technology, engineering and mathematics(STEM), English and core humanities subjects.




The vision of XR-Scholar is to initiate an education revolution to empower future generations using innovative technology and approaches for teaching and learning. Where we unleash the power of virtual reality, augmented reality and mixed reality into education to offer an affordable and interactive learning experience for the learners all over the world, irrespective of their socio-economic background.