XR scholar offers standalone VR headset that is classroom ready and fully integrated with existing devices without the need for any other additional technology. Our devices are affordable, lightweight, comfortable and suitable for users of all ages. Our VR headsets have an inbuilt focal adjustment, brightness adjustment and are compatible with prescription eyewear. Where multiple users are considered, we also supply recyclable single-use VR sanitary masks.


We offer custom design and complete control with simple easy to use controllers. VR controller can be used as a remote control to navigate inside the virtual environment. We want students to have a highly valuable educational experience without the need for complex coordination. The controller lets the user make big movements with minimal effort and interact with the environment.



Charging And Storage

Safe and Secure

XR scholar provides a ruggedized storage box with charging case which is portable and easy to use. We also make sure that the headsets are safe, secured, fully charged for the students to use anytime.

Secured Charging

XR scholar storage case has been designed to make sure the devices are stored securely and also charged when the box is closed and locked.

Administrative And Reporting


Administration of IVR modules is controlled via a custom-made application that allows teachers to regulate the release of content and designate recipients. A student can then access the content on their headset by download by coupling with an internet connected device. Teachers have the ability to control time windows for completion when designating the recipients. Content is indexed by year level, subject, unit, and module.

Data from all student exercises within the IVR has collected automatically and tabulated for the teacher and school. This data is only accessible by the teacher and those within the school with access authorization and is stored locally using existing infrastructure This facilitates automated high-resolution analytics and reporting on student performance. At the higher reporting levels, data is represented as key statistical values for comparison and reporting needs.


Class Content

XR scholar classroom control application makes it easy for teachers and parents to control what their children view and interact. The immersive nature of the platform allows the teacher time and space to address the individual needs of the student and reduces the amount of time dedicated to maintaining discipline and control in the classroom, further enhancing efficiencies. We make sure that children are safe from the internet and sensitive or harmful content.


Content Management

The XR Scholar IVR platform allows controlled content delivery with informative real-time student performance data, which in itself is a world first. This features alone save considerable time in terms of logistics and marking with significant ramifications for teacher efficiency. The content management allows teachers to significantly search and find the content aligned with their curriculum.